What is DNS: Everything You Need to Know

Discover what DNS (Domain Name Service) is and how does it work! Get all important information you need to know!

What is DNS or Domain Name Service?

DNS or domain name service is a system that allows the Internet to work. The fundamental job of the domain name system is to take the alpha domain name that online users enter into the browser and transform it into a numeric IP address.

The website where you register the domain holds the DNS record for the domain. This DNS record points to where the site is hosted. About Web hosting

How DNS Works?

There are two types of DNS servers – primary and secondary. If the primary domain name server doesn’t respond, the secondary domain name server will automatically be used by the browser. View Business Discount domains

There are specific companies that are responsible for specific web addresses. The Network Solutions Inc. for example, is responsible for all .com web addresses. This means that the DNS server at Network Solutions Inc. would be accessed to get a suitable IP address. Once the URL is matched with the IP address, the browser will use this IP address to load the home page of a certain website.

You can enter the IP (internet protocol) address into the browser address window as well. The end result is the same – the browser will load the home page of the website. So, you can use the IP address of a certain website if you want to access a website directly or you can use the domain name. Read more Domains for Sale

There are millions and millions of IP addresses on the internet that are used every single day. The DNS is like a huge distributed database utilized to translate the alpha domain name into a numeric IP address that can be used to locate a specific computer on the Internet.

The database is assigned since specific servers are responsible for certain types of domain names. For example, the United Kingdom is responsible for all .uk domains, Russia is responsible for all .ru domains, and etc.  Click Free Domains

All of these servers are working together in order to maintain a system that ensures no domain name is duplicated online on the Internet. How to Setup Domain and Hosting for a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog: Step-by-step Guidance


DNS is a method by which the Internet operates. This method translates the domain names into IP addresses and locates the web server. This is done by millions of messages passed between the domain name servers and your internet service provider.

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