How to Setup Domain and Hosting for a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog: Step-by-step Guidance

Learn how to setup domain and hosting for a self-hosted WordPress blog! Follow our step-by-step guidance!

One of the simplest ways to develop an online platform today is to start a blog. You can do this by using free hosted options such as,, or Even though these sites are all great, you will manage to get the most control by utilizing self-hosted WordPress After all, this is what the most professional bloggers use. Learn about Hosting for Domains

Let’s see how you can setup domain and hosting for your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Step-By-Step Guide: Setup Domain and Hosting for Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

    1. Buy Domain Name – The first thing you need to do is to buy a domain name. Go to or and buy the name you want. Before you buy, make sure to do a little Google search and check if there are discount coupons available.
    2. Domain name create your Online Store
    3. Get a Hosting Provider – The next thing you need to do is to get a host. The good thing is that WordPress is free. The software is a free open source which means that you only have to pay for the hosting. There are hosting service providers that can help you hold the text, pictures, and anything else that is related to data on your site. Even though there are many hosting service providers, they cannot provide you with the same quality. So when choosing your hosting provider, make sure it offers 24/7 support, in case your site crashes. BlueHost is an excellent service provider for beginners, and MediaTemple is an ideal hosting provider for those websites who have decent traffic and are looking for a more robust alternative.

  1. Install WordPress and Log into Your Account – Once you’ve chosen your domain name and you’ve paid for your hosting account, you need to install WordPress. There are a username and password you need to enter in order to enter your cPanel. From the cPanel, you can control anything administrative related to your account. Once you are done installing, log into your WordPress account. The Difference between Domains vs. Hosting vs. Website

That’s it! You are now in the WordPress dashboard and you are ready to run your blog! Easy, right?

As you can see setting up your very own self-hosted WordPress blog is not a complicated process and all you need is 20 minutes to do it!

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