7 Free Services You Should Be Using to Save Money

Thanks to the internet and the ever-evolving form of communication, the world has become a huge community. People from all walks of life can converse in the blink of an eye, share information, spread awareness, trade and do basically everything even miles apart from one another. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the internet offers saving money ideas and a pile of freebies.

You can sift through the internet to find numerous offerings that will help both your personal and business finances as they cost less money than usual or no money at all.

Here’s how you should use free services to save money:

1. Switch to online newspapers

Much fewer people buy newspapers these days, but some people are still in the habit of subscribing to their daily newspaper. Either out of habit, or for old time’s sake. But let’s face it, newspapers are just not relevant or unique anymore.

Switching to online newspapers is one of the best saving money ideas. You can process way more information on the web and also contribute to the environment.

2. Use coupons and promotional codes

Always look for coupons, discount offers, and promo codes. You should use free services to save money by shaving off some amount from your purchases,  getting free shipping and other such deals.

If you snoop around enough, you’ll find various creative ways to save money by looking at blogs, Facebook pages, and sites like Groupon to find discounts and promos.

3. Make free calls and texts

Free calling and texting over the web have been around for some time now. It was an almost pioneering effort by Skype, one of the earliest to offer free calls. Now, a number of apps such as Viber, Whatsapp and Line allow you to make calls, send texts and even video call provided you have an active broadband connection.

4. Share and store files on cloud services

Most business and academic courses require collaborations to work on projects and presentations, produces spreadsheets and other documents. A free cloud service can help you move large files and share them with people. Just make sure you have backups and encrypt your business files.

Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most user-friendly free storage offerings available on the web.

5. Conduct video-conferences for free

One of the most creative ways to save money is to make conference video calls instead of actually conducting a conference in a conference hall or specific work-space. Most chatting and video calling apps have a group chat format available now. It helps you save money as well as time.

6. Learn and get certified

If you need to fix something or make something or learn something, you can do it all with just a click. Various platforms on the internet provide tutorials and courses on the go. Financial journals and blogs provide money saving tips and ideas, while sites like Khan Academy and Curious.com provide in-depth lessons for children attending school as well as parents looking to learn and/or repair something.

Additionally, if tutorials don’t seem enough for you, you can increase your skills and knowledge by getting certified in one of the several academic courses available on the internet.

7. Score birthday freebies

Birthdays are special and If you want to use free services to save money you can utilize your special day to spoil yourself. Applebee’s, Baskin Robbins, The Body Shop, Dairy Queen, Hooters, Old Navy, Sephora, Red Lobster, and Starbucks are just a few of the many places that provide birthday freebies and special offers.

Just make sure you sign up for their newsletters and text offers.

In conclusion

Everyone loves freebies. Just make sure you navigate for offers at the right places, know how to use free services to save money and you’ll never spend an unnecessary dime again.

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